Tailored Security

Binary Gecko GmbH is a niche provider of comprehensive and specialized cybersecurity solutions.

We offer a range of services, including defensive products designed to protect our clients from cyber threats as well as our own specialized Security Research Division: Binary Gecko Labs.

About us

This is Binary Gecko

Welcome to Binary Gecko, your cybersecurity ally in the heart of Berlin. We grasp the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by European businesses and individuals today. Our commitment to safeguarding your digital assets and privacy sets us apart as the top choice for European customers.

In a time where cyber threats know no boundaries, European organizations and individuals are prime targets. The European Union’s strict data protection regulations, like GDPR, emphasize data security and privacy. This demands cybersecurity solutions that not only comply with regulations but also provide robust protection.


We’re on a mission to fortify digital security with a global community of security experts and researchers.


Securing our clients digital defenses. We uphold the highest standards of information security.


Pioneering cybersecurity research, we invite talent worldwide to join us in creating a safer digital future.


Services and Products

We offer a wide range of Cyber Security Services

SIEM Solutions

Binary Gecko’s own security monitoring solution for threat detection, integrity monitoring, incident response, Syslog collection, and compliance.


Tailored Security Solutions

We specialize in delivering meticulous security reports and conducting comprehensive vulnerability assessments. Our team of experts meticulously analyz..

Security Research

Our company houses a dedicated division focused on specialized security research. We specialize in uncovering vulnerabilities across various platforms, from operating systems to browsers and smartphones. Our findings empower robust defense strategies, safeguarding critical systems and user data.


BG Labs

In our Lab, we focus on the most challenging and groundbreaking research, from browsers to operating systems to IoT. We are willing to undertake every challenge.

We are always open to hiring security researchers from all over the globe, Seniors and Juniors, we believe in building together a passionate team that works together in a flexible environment. If you feel that you are for it then contact us now!